Hilarie Burton Helps Out At Hudson Valley Children Treatment Center

RHINEBECK – Astor Services for Children and Families is getting a makeover. The 57 year old residential treatment center in Rhinebeck has caught the attention of noted celebrities Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton who have been spearheading efforts to transform the living spaces from the current dark and industrial feel, to a more positive and welcoming environment filled with lively colors and stimulating images.

“Once these four existing wings are renovated, our endgame is to raise enough money to build an entirely new wing”, said Burton. Ms. Burton has been actively designing the decor and color schemes for each of the rooms, with the help of her husband and Walking Dead star, Jeffery Dean Morgan, as well as the Families for Astor Committee.

“We are extremely grateful for the support and initiative Hilarie and Jeffrey have shown for the upcoming RTC renovation project”, said Ed Pruitt, assistant executive director of residential programs at Astor.

“The care, focus, and committment displayed is matched only by their compassion for the children and a deep sense of community”

The couple moved to the area roughly three years ago after Morgan was shooting a movie in Kerhonkson. “We just fell in love with the beauty, and the people”, said Morgan. “I lived in L.A. for 20 years and never knew my neighbor’s name. Here, I know everybody in the whole town”, smiled Morgan

A good portion of the funding for the first phase of the project came from a fundraiser in which Burton and Morgan volunteered for back in October of 2016. The couple, along with fellow actors Griffin Dunne and Mary Stuart Masterson, also local residents, participated by reading Ghost Stories to an audience of friends, neighbors, and community members, on the campus of Bard College. The money raised helped get the project started and was supplemented by the generosity of several local contractors volunteering their services and goods.

Astor Services for Children and Families has been providing behavioral and educational services in a caring environment. Now serving more than 7,000 children and families annually in more than 33 locations, Astor’s range of services in the Hudson Valley and the Bronx include: Residential Programs; Early Childhood Programs; and Community-Based Behavioral Health and Prevention Services.

For more information on Astor and how you can help Hilarie Burton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and others connected to the project, visit www.astorservices.org

Source: Hudson Valley News Network